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About Wholefield’s

Here at Wholefield’s Foods, our mission is to deliver the best quality treats that everyone – regardless of their dietary needs – can enjoy. Whether you eat dairy-free, vegan, or have no dietary restriction, we know that we have something you’ll enjoy.

Wholefield’s Foods was started by a group of international food enthusiasts who were looking for the same thing: delicious foods and snacks made from the best ingredients around. Wholefield’s is actually a combination of the words “wholesome fields”, which speaks to our commitment to sourcing sustainable, responsibly-sourced, and non-GMO products. Our ingredients come from all over the world, such as oats from Ukraine, bananas from Ecuador, and berries from Poland.

Our partners are food industry veterans, and they know how to make great tasting products at affordable prices, making even the staunchest of carnivores and dairy-eaters rethink what it means to eat plant-based food.

Our products are certified vegan, responsibly-sourced, and meet international food safety standards. We are a proud member of the Plant Based Foods Association.